DFS: The Survey

DFS: The Survey

Eilers Research recently published an online survey of daily fantasy sports players. Here Managing Partner Adam Krejcik shares some of the headline findings with iGB Affiliate.

Published 20th September 2015

Our recent online survey of daily fantasy sports players ran from June 18 to July 9, with a total of 1,420 responding to all or some of the questions. The survey link was actively promoted on various distribution channels including social media (i.e. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn), industry websites, and proprietary customer databases. Based on the data we collected, some key findings and highlights emerged. Here we summarise a selection of these.

Background demographics

First, DFS players are all millennials, and essentially all males (see Figures 1 and 2). The male dominance of DFS (98%) contrasts with season-long fantasy - 66% males and 34% females - as per a recent FSTA Market Study - 2015 (conducted by IPSOS). Our findings are also consistent with a FanDuel demographic study conducted in 2014, which found 95% of its players are male. As can be seen from Figure 2, our survey results indicate that 51% of DFS players are age between 25 and 35. This is consistent with the FSTA Market Study, which found an average age of 37.7 years old, as well as the aforementioned FanDuel Demographic Study.

fig 1_9.PNG

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Relationship with season-long fantasy

The survey also found that most DFS players also participate in season-long fantasy, with only around 7% saying they “do not play” season-long fantasy (see Figure 3). However, nearly half (48.1%) of all those surveyed said they’ve “signficantly reduced” their season-long activity, after they started playing DFS.

fig 3_3.PNG

Player profile

Most DFS users (62%) have been active for less than two years and would consider themselves “intermediate” players. Survey results indicate that most users (26%) first heard about DFS through “friend/ referral/word of mouth” followed by “web” advertising (25%) (see Figure 5). A majority of DFS users (69.8%) also said the “deposit bonus” did not have a major impact on their decision to create an account.

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Usage and preferences

Our survey participants said their favorite DFS site (where they spend most time / money) was DraftKings (see Figure 6). DraftKings also received the highest Net Promoter Score at 21. Our survey results however also indicated that most DFS users (61%) are active paying players on both FanDuel and DraftKings. This indicates, despite varying opinions about each site, a majority of users are still active on both sites. Survey results indicate that most users (32%) spend 10-20 hours a week engaging in DFS research, with RotoGrinders by far the most popular website used to conduct DFS research (63.3%).

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Behavioral background

Approximately 44% of our survey participants said they used to play real-money online poker (see Figure 7). but roughly 98% said they would not substantially limit their DFS playing time if real-money poker was legal & readily available in their state, falling to 93.9% when asked the same question about sports betting. 65.5% also agreed that the statement “DFS is a legal alternative to sports betting” accurately reflected their view.

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