Catena Media opens applications for Academy

Catena Media opens applications for Academy

Affiliate giant Catena Media has opened up applications to the Catena Academy, a leadership training course for its employees.

Published 29th November 2019

Running for the second time, the six-month programme features an initial assessment, workshops, mentoring and coaching for participants to help them develop their leadership skills.

The programme is based on the Catena Media Leadership Model, which promotes leaders to lead by example, be actively engaged, show the right attitude and become effective communicators.

“Great leaders build strong teams, since they understand that strong teams create leverage” said Catena Media deputy chief executive Johannes Bergh, who helped develop the Academy.

“Strong teams take ownership, strong teams are engaged, and strong teams have the potential to achieve fantastic things that a leader never would on their own.“

Last year, 10 employees graduated from the Catena Academy programme and many of them have changed how they approach work as well as their personal lives.

Business coach Heather Turner worked with Catena Media for the last three years to develop and coach leaders in the organisation.

Turner said: “I’m very proud to say that the Catena Academy is one of the professional highlights of my life.”