Catena Media confirms Colorado plans

Catena Media confirms Colorado plans

Affiliate giant Catena Media has announced its intention to launch in Colorado after voters in the state approved plans to legalise sports betting.

Published 20th November 2019

Some 51.5% of the vote, or 756,720 people, were in favour of the move, while 723,665 voted against the proposition.

Catena’s US general manager, Michael Daly, said the company will go live in the state as soon as it launches its regulated, online market.

“We already have good traffic from Colorado on our national sites like and, and we’ll soon announce a Colorado focused site or two,” Daly said.

“The yes vote in Colorado shows the appetite of the US consumer for this form of entertainment. This together with the high percentage who go online to bet in places like New Jersey, speaks to the positive road ahead for Catena Media as the leader in online lead generation in North America.”