Casinomeister relaunches online casino forum

Casinomeister relaunches online casino forum

Online casino information website Casinomeister has relaunched its forum as it seeks to keep in pace with new technologies and with user expectations.

Published 12th July 2019

The forum, which is being relaunched for the fourth time since the website was founded in 1998, pledges to deliver a 35 per cent faster response time and also offers a mobile-friendly experience to users.

Other features include the ability to bookmark posts and threads, special social groups that members can join, searchable private message capabilities, as well as the ability for members to earn points via how people react to their postings.

Casinomeister’s forum is a popular destination for players, affiliate webmasters and operators to find out the latest in online casino issues, advice, events, games, and complaints.

Bryan Bailey, director of Casinomeister, said: “We have been working diligently for months on this project. What you actually see in the forum is the “bare bones” product which is going to allow us to expand and to give our members an awesome online experience.

“The software has no foreseeable end-of-life so we will be able to add loads of new functions, bells and whistles which will make our forum even better than what it is today.

“This is a great Casinomeister moment for everyone.”