Bragg adds new board members

Bragg adds new board members

Bragg Gaming Group, which operates online sports betting casino brand GiveMeBet, turnkey solutions provider Oryx Gaming and sports media-focused GiveMeSport, has announced two new appointments to its board.

Published 14th March 2019

Gaming industry veteran Jim Ryan and securities lawyer Paul Pathak have joined the board to serve alongside Bragg chief financial officer Akshay Kumar.

Ryan, currently the CEO of Pala Interactive, was previously the co-chief executive of digital entertainment. He also currently holds board roles at JPJ Group, Gaming Realms, Pala Interactive and Fralis.

Pathak, a partner at Chitiz Pathak LLP, primarily practices in the areas of corporate, securities, mergers, acquisitions and commercial law, and currently serves as a director of JPJ Group, the Intertain Group Limited and Wayland Group.

Kumar was appointed as Bragg Gaming’s new financial chief in December, having previously held financial leadership roles at several other gaming operations, including NetPlay, Betsson and Sporting Index.

“We’re very focused on our objective of developing into a global gaming force, and we need a board with the skills to support that growth,” Bragg CEO Dominic Mansour said.

“Jim and Akshay both bring extensive gaming industry experience to the team, and Paul’s expertise in M&A will be instrumental to our growth plan.”