Binary options: The affiliate key to success

Binary options: The affiliate key to success

Is earning in excess of $50,000 a week an indication of success? It’s the affiliate dream, right? Who thought that when they were kids they would have grown up to be an affiliate? Probably no-one, but most children dreamed of making money. Lots of money. Then along came the Internet and the whole world opens up into a literal land of opportunity.

Published 9th May 2014

But how many times have you felt that opportunities are passing you by? How many times have you met someone who you see as successful and wonder how it happened? How many times have you looked at that successful person and thought that there’s no difference between them and you but still couldn’t figure out how they’d made it and you hadn’t?

On one of my recent trips to the UK, I bumped into an old friend in London. For the sake of this article, I’ll call him Pete. I had first met Pete in January 2002 at a gaming conference. Back then, he was driving traffic through various sources to a selective number of online casinos. His secret was long-tail keywords spread over a network of online properties which he’d worked on for around 18 months to two years. Times were very different back in the day and search, in comparison to today, was so much easier to penetrate.

From 2002 until 2005, Pete was doing alright. As a small affiliate earning around $20,000 a month in revenue with minimal overheads, Pete was experiencing affiliate success. But in 2005, when the operators starting investing in SEO in-house, Pete was left out in the cold. It was cold for Pete for five years until 2010 when a new product hit the market. “Binary options changed my life.” Pete told me. “How?” I asked. And then Pete smiled and began to speak in a soft voice as if what he was saying was the most top secret, sensitive information in the world.

“I noticed some similarities between the audience of casino and the rising trend in trading online, but with one small difference: online forex trading was complicated. In the past, I had sent traffic to casino sites but never had to worry about people depositing and playing. It was a given. But trading forex online seems overly complicated. I had sites that ranked on great keywords but no depositors from the sites I was promoting.

“Everything was dependent on the sales team and I had zero control over that. No sales manager wanted to hear that an affiliate was sending the best traffic and that the sales team needed to work harder to convert my leads. I only got paid for depositors, so sending leads just gave the sales team practice and something to complain about.

I had to think.” “What did you do?” I asked. “I thought about the ultimate goal of the people looking to trade.” Pete replied. “Why someone with no trading experience, no knowledge of the stock exchange and little interest in the economy, wanted to trade online. There was only one possible answer: these were people who wanted to make money. Anything from making a little cash on the side, to totally giving up their jobs and becoming a tycoon.

“But there was still a problem. Forex was still too complicated. And then it happened: the binary options boom.

The simpler, easier to understand new wave of online trading. Literally choosing whether an asset will go up or down in a given time. So easy to understand and even easier to explain. I didn’t have to rely on the sales team. I would sell the product directly through my own channels.” Pete had always been ahead of the game, this was very forward thinking.

For an affiliate to have this idea about binary options back in 2011 was practically visionary. But now I was hooked. I had to know what Pete had done to become so successful, so I asked him to continue explaining. “I created a custom landing page that convinced site visitors that what they were about to enter would change their lives. I recorded and edited videos which Im embedded onto text-based pages giving an insight into binary options trading. At this stage, there was no mention of any specific broker. The ultimate goal for me at this point was to capture their email and grow my mailing list.

This list was gold. 90 percent of the data captured was the real name and email of the person who had signed up. People were buying into the dream. “Within one month I had built a list of around 10,000 names and emails. Now I was ready to communicate with my audience. I started slow and easy just to test the water. When I sent the first few mailings the objective was to see if my audience was paying attention.So I directed them to an informative page on another of my sites. The main purpose of this was to see if firstly, they were receiving my email and secondly to build some data on which demographic of my list was actually clicking through. The geographic location of these visitors was important to me and now I could see exactly where my site traffic was coming from. I only then added the broker to the final part of the funnel.”

In his first few weeks, Pete went on to explain, he had sent between 250 and 300 depositors to two different brokers he had handpicked to work with. The payment for this first batch was in the region of $80,000. The number of brokers was growing and so were the CPAs. As long as Pete kept the list growing and carried on communicating to his valuable audience, he was able to turn his funnel to anything.

Pete is now one of the biggest binary options affiliates in the industry and sends over 1,000 depositors a month to brands such as TradeRush, Redwood Options and Boss Capital. His exact sales funnel has been a closely guarded secret for the last three years and a number of specific details have been omitted from this article. However, Pete’s next step in life is to share the knowledge with a select number of new affiliates bygoing into partnership with them. He’s looking for hungry affiliates who are eager to learn and thirsty for success.

If you’re lucky enough, maybe you’ll also get to meet Pete and learn some of the secrets of his success.