Attracting and profiting from new players

Attracting and profiting from new players

Make your players’ lives easier and you’ll soon reap the benefits, says Jamie Harvey

Published 23rd October 2019

Here at Winning Poker Network (WPN) Affiliates, we believe that being an affiliate should be an effortless endeavour. You have enough on your plate managing a number of brands and all the players attached to each one. Why should you have to go out of your way to convince players to play somewhere? That’s why we’ve put together an arsenal of promotions and tournaments that speak for themselves.


Chief among them is the $250,000 Freebuy Super Series. A WPN innovation, the Freebuy is a freeroll and buy-in tournament hybrid. Players pay nothing to enter but have the option of doing real money rebuys and an add-on.

From 16 October to 3 November, WPN sites are hosting the Freebuy Super Series. The $250,000 in guarantees is spread over 114 tournaments (six per day). Players receive 1,000 chips in every tourney for free. And they can choose to do 2,500 chip rebuys or a 10,000 chip add-on.

The Freebuy Super Series is designed to appeal to new players because it lets them compete for real cash prizes without shelling out a cent. At the same time, new players might be enticed to make a deposit so that they can be ready to grab a rebuy or add-on.


The freebies continue at WPN to help you attract players effortlessly. The next $6m Venom starts on 27 November. With a $2,650 buy-in, it’s not cheap, but players can win their seat for less via satellite or even for free through Step Tournaments. This gives new players another opportunity to win up to $1m without making a deposit.

The multi-day tournament is the second such event in just four months. This summer, WPN held the record-setting $5m Venom with a $6,382,500 final prize pool, including $1,050,560 to the winner. The $6m Venom should be even bigger.

And in the spirit of making things easy, WPN sites have put cryptocurrency at the forefront of their payment options. Players can deposit with any one of over 60 cryptocurrencies. A few years ago, crypto accounted for 2% of our business. Today, that number is over 60%.


How big is crypto? Just look at the last $5m Venom. We now hold the Guinness World Record for the largest cryptocurrency winning jackpot in an online poker tournament. You read that right. The winner of the $5m Venom accepted his $1,050,560 payout by Bitcoin. And the next Venom will most likely beat that and set a new record.

Of course, if your players prefer to deposit using traditional payment methods, we welcome them too. We’re all about making the lives of our players easy. For more information on how easy it is to boost your revenue with our line-up of player incentives, visit