Aspire partners Rightlander to raise marketing standards

Aspire partners Rightlander to raise marketing standards

Aspire Global has entered into a new partnership with compliance specialist Rightlander to enhance its responsible marketing efforts.

Published 19th November 2020

Under the agreement, Rightlander will provide Aspire with its full range of marketing scanning tools, designed to assist with affiliate management and compliance.

Rightlander software can scan tens of millions of pages every month and follow each link to detect how a brand is being marketed. This analyses links, text and images, reporting potentially non-compliant content, out-dated offers, incorrect marketing assets and harmful vocabulary to the operator.

Features in the software include the Compliance Monitor tool, which continuously monitors marketing management and flags potential violations, as well as the Pay-Per-Click Monitor that identifies adverts that could be harmful to a brand.

“We believe that the future lies with those companies that can generate long-term profit from a business that promotes sustainable user behaviour throughout all parts of the business,” Aspire’s sustainability manager Liesbeth Oost said.

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