ASA raps betting tipster over irresponsible Instagram post

ASA raps betting tipster over irresponsible Instagram post

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has warned betting tipster service Thebettingman over its future conduct after ruling that a post on Instagram was not identified as an advert and its content was irresponsible.

Published 18th November 2020

A single complaint referred to an Instagram story post by reality television star Sam Gowland about Thebettingman on 2 June this year.

In the post, Gowland said if followers “wanted to make money the betting man is the way forward”, and that if they were to pay £25, they would gain access to a VIP group with betting tips.

Gowland also said he was “450 quid up this weekend and over £1k up for the week” and that it was the “best second source of income I’ve ever had… hence the new car I’m getting… not bad for £25”.

In addition, he said by joining the VIP service, followers could “watch the profits roll in like the rest of the members”.

The complainant suggested the post had not been marked as a marketing communication, and suggested it was irresponsible, for suggesting using tipsters was a way of achieving financial security.

Furthermore, they added, it used an individual under the age of 25 to promote a gambling advice service, something prohibited by British regulations. At the time of the post, Gowland, a former Love Island contestant, was aged 24.

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