1X2 Network unveils new marketing standard

1X2 Network unveils new marketing standard

Game developer and content aggregator 1X2 Network has announced a new standard to help operators market games to players more ethically and profitably.

Published 13th May 2020

The Probability of Getting Your Money Back (PMB) standard identifies a 3D footprint of a game that, when combined with mathematical equations, determines the odds of the player achieving specific returns after set spin amounts.

Operators can use this information to target certain games to specific player types, as opposed to the current approach.

“We believe that as an industry there are vast sums spent marketing games in an ineffective manner,” 1X2 Network chief commercial officer Kevin Reid said.

“So not only does this potentially significantly improve the return on investment of marketing spend for the operators, but also means players are not being targeted with games that don’t align with their preferences and appetite for risk which should aid in them being more at home with the particular operator.

“We believe our PMB standard has the potential to be a key reference point for operators standardising what was a vague reference in Volatility for many years now.”

Gray Wagner, mathematician at 1X2 Network, added: “PMB is a relatively simple standard that is available for any game, be it from 1X2 or any other developer.

“The nature of the calculation, behind the PMB standard, makes it impossible to ‘reverse engineer’ some of the finer maths, that most designers would prefer to keep secret.

“By doing this, it allows for open publication of the statistic, between all parties, and allows for universal collaboration, in an effort to improve the efficiency of the market.”

Wagner added: “The PMB standard is the first step towards a scientific, data driven future, where slot machines are advertised automatically to customers, based on their tastes, and designed in response to their desires."