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9th February 2018
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It's great to see some old faces and even better to see so many new ones. The industry is growing and there is so much room for growth!
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Jakob Højer Bjørning

Jakob Højer Bjørning

Chief Commercial Officer
Rebel Penguin

Jakob Højer Bjørning has worked at Rebel Penguin for almost 2 years as Chief Commercial Officer.

Jakob Højer Bjørning has worked at Rebel Penguin for almost 2 years as Chief Commercial Officer. His primary task is to secure and improve the company’s short and long term revenue streams. Alongside our CEO, he is part of developing the business strategy for Rebel Penguin and thus provides the marketing department with invaluable information on markets, products, legal, player values, conversion etc.


In 2016 he initialised Rebel Penguin’s PPC agency setup and has planned on expanding said in 2017. Moreover, in 2016 he build a new permission marketing traffic channel for casino, thus adding a product to the company’s portfolio.


His past experiences as Head of Affiliates for Hall of Gaming has provided him with a unique insight to the Scandinavian markets, both regulated and unregulated. Jakob has a strong understanding of the different traffic sources available to affiliate marketing companies, not the least how the channels should be matched with the best performing iGaming products (Sportsbook, casino, bingo, poker and lottery) to maximise revenue.


Jakob has a background in media and television, spending most the early stages of his career as a TV producer, producing commercials, drama, documentaries, sports- and corporate segments. With prominent clients such as Coca-Cola, Danish Film Institute, MyTravel, MTG, Danish Broad Casting Corporation & Discovery Channel.


His educational experience includes both European Film College, Tietgen Business College and is currently studying a master in cross communication at the University of Copenhagen.


For more on Rebel Penguin: http://www.rebelpenguin.dk



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