6th - 9th February 2019
ExCeL, London
The London Affiliate Conference 2017 surpassed expectations. The organisers delivered an event that offered solid new business, as well as enhancing opportunity with existing partners - credit to the iGB events team, and the affiliate attendance that makes it possible. LAC sets the standard that other events should follow, and if we had to select just one event to attend each year, it would be this one.
James Woods, Head of Performance Marketing, bet365

The view from social media: your best bits!

The view from social media: your best bits!

Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and even LinkedIn were buzzing throughout LAC and FPE 2017. The real stars of the show were those of you who got online and got involved - here's our favourite bits that you sent us during the show.

Published 17th February 2017

We were super impressed with your efforts on social media during the London Affiliate Conference and Financial Partners Expo 2017. You were active across Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and Twitter, sharing your experience at the show with your friends and family and we loved it. To celebrate the great job you did, we've put together a list of our favourite social media updates. We also wanted to say a big thank you to everyone who got involved with iGB Affiliate on Snapchat, we quadrupled our following over the four days and it was great seeing your event experience from a new perspective.



Before we get started - we're very sorry for the cut and past social updates (Unfortunately the embedding code wasn't playing ball. We hope you enjoy anyway!)



5. Kulwantnagi

Great work from Kulwantnagi with a simple pose in front of the LAC banner. With 145 likes, we couldn't ignore this one


4. Howdojonesy

Howdojonesy embraced bgo's Best boss social competition with this beauty. Maybe bgo need to rethink their brand ambassador and CGI Howdojonesy's face onto Verne Troyer for all future shows!


3. Christina_sofia_joy

Anyone who can pull a face like the Optibid team(We think it's the Optibid team) after four full days at the show deserves an accolade, well done Christina_Sofia_Joy and team.


2. Fable_Affiliates

We loved the Fable eagle whenever we saw him around the show floor (especially when he was handing out Fable Affiliates personalised beers) This picture of the Fable mascot passed out really tickled us which is why it made it to number two on our Instagram list. 


1. anti_Vik

If there was ever a post that summed up the post-LAC and FPE blues, this is it. Lemsip Max, beer and Subway are the real "Power Trio" that has got us through the week following the show. Great post from anti_Vik who nailed how most of our team were feeling!




Honorable mention: Mike Tindall

An honorable mention had to be made to Mike Tindall who is quickly becoming our favourite celebrity guest. 2 years in a row with and a social shout out on both occasions, not to mention he's the nicest guy in the world!


5. @Casino_Dawson

TAXI for Big Beacon! Big Beacon squeezing into a taxi with a chandelier may have been one of the best things we saw on Twitter at the show. We were equally impressed with his dance moves but can't find a video anywhere... help us out!


4. @HarryHugoGoat

We love it when our speakers get involved, and if there was going to be one who was gonna get involved it was always gonna be Harry Hugo from the Goat Agency. Harry went on to give us a great session on social media and influencers. Go Harry go!


3. @bernadettekelly

We agree Bernadette, well almost, it crept in at no.3 of our favourite tweets from LAC 2017. Following ActiveWins announcement about Foxy Bingo what better way to celebrate than posing with the one and only Mr Fred Done. Top photo!


2. @CasumoAffiliate

Casumo's dance competition was one of the best things at LAC 2017. Casumo's performance on Twitter eclipsed the dance off, with great use of boomerang gifs there were loads of potential top 5 tweets (they could have filled the list themselves). We chose this tweet as it showed their team celebrating a great LAC. It's a real shame we couldn't embed the tweets properly into this article. Visit their Twitter page for a storm load of fun!


1. @mraffiliate

This one speaks for itself, kittens on the internet = you win. Well done @MrAffiliate.