London Affiliate Conference 2017 floorplan

We will be releasing the London Affiliate Conference 2017 floorplan on Monday 26/09/2016 at 10.00am CURRENT UK TIME


Response at that time is crucial  -  if you won’t be available to request space at that time then please forward these instructions to the relevant person on your team and ensure you let us know the best point of contact + email address so they can be included in future correspondence.

Please ensure that you REPLY TO THE E-MAIL THAT WAS SENT TO YOU & TO THE FROM ADDRESS ON THE EMAIL - KEEPING THE SUBJECT LINE. This forms the queue and we then reply in the order that we receive replies.

The booking process will then work as follows…

  1. PREMIUM & 12x6 are pre-placed first: If you are taking a 12 x6 block - even if split as two 6x6 for two brands -  you will be placed in this queue and invited to choose space according to the order we receive your reply.
  2. Then all 3-show bookers are invited to pick - if you’re reading this – this is you! This is done in the order we receive replies, until space/size limitation forces us to place pre-contracted clients (i.e. if we only have enough of a certain size .eg. 6x6 remaining to fulfil pre contracted orders, those sizes will be prioritised until the spaces are taken)  NB if you are not confirmed in a 3 show booking at present, then confirming the next three events is the only way to confirm your space at this initial stage.
  3. The plan is opened to Two Show and Single show bookers.

Choosing space:

Next please be aware of the physical aspects of the hall and how it may affect build AND that your stand is suitable for the location selected. We can provide all stand builders with technical specs after release and strongly urge you to ensure they are fully briefed before committing to your stand build - we cannot change the building, so please be sure your stand team/artwork team are working within the hall’s limits and your stand will work.

If a stand is marked as one location, for now, we cannot divide it up; so please do not select part of a single stand – i.e. a 9x6 single stand block can only be reserved by someone taking the whole 9x6 stand.

The please follow both steps carefully to make your reservation:

1. This page is the floorplan holding page. Please note that the floorplan link below will not be activated until 26/09/2016 at 10.00am current UK time. This is the link to the floorplan: 



2. At the time reservations go live and we will accept requests, as replies to the e-mail that was sent to you, in the order we receive them. As long as you include the following two things​:

  • ​Your request (up to 3 possible space choices - Favourite first) by stand letter/number
  • Your size request i.e. 6x3 or 9x6 etc

Note: Speed of response time is incredibly important! Please note that we receive the majority of replies within the first 30 seconds - so time really is key here!

We will then notify you to confirm that your request has been received and then, in order of response, we will begin to allocate space - this process can take some time so we ask for your patience during this period. If we cannot reach you in reasonable time, within an hour of first attempt, we will inform you of a time of expiry by e-mail, after that time we will have to continue down the list and allocate you as soon as you are able to contact us.

If you have any questions or issues please get in touch with your account manager.