UPayCard is a global digital payments company, headquartered in London, England that provides a comprehensive global money management system to our customers.

UPayCard is a global digital payments company, headquartered in London, England that provides a comprehensive global money management system to our customers. The enabling technology for the UPayCard eWallet and funds management products and services is the UPayCard System, which is comprised of a “built from the ground up” state-of-the-art electronic money management system.

We provide our Customers a comprehensive set of eWallets, which can currently be held in GBP, USD, EUR, DKK, PLN, SEK and NOK. Additional global currencies will be brought on-stream in the future, driven by the market, and as our customers’ demand, including virtual currencies such as Bitcoin. Account Holders can transfer funds between their unique currency eWallets and receive very competitive foreign exchange rates. Each customer’s eWallet Account can include a virtual and/or physical / plastic MasterCard branded prepaid payment card. Currently, UPayCard offers our customers the MasterCard™ branded prepaid card through our issuing financial institution, Paysafe Financial Services LTD.

UPayCard believes that mobile payment solutions are the wave of the future for easy access to an Account no matter where our customer is located. Our state of the art mobile payments solutions allow Account Holders to use their mobile phones or tablets to access their Account directly on our website through an App, or perform a broad range of Account activities via our SMS service.

UPayCard operates in both the “On-Us” and “Off-Us” environments. The “Off-Us” environment is facilitated by our MasterCard products and services. This allows our clients to use their MasterCard cards anywhere in the

world that MasterCard is accepted. The “OnUs” environment allows our eWallet Account Holders to make purchases on a broad range of eCommerce merchants that are connected to the UPayCard system.

This system is available to our Corporate Clients and to individual customers and enables Account Holders to load, view, manage and transfer money to and from their Account(s) anywhere in the world; spend their funds at MasterCard branded eCommerce and physical merchants; and withdraw their funds from MasterCard branded Automatic Teller Machines.

UPayCard provides our Account Holders with a wide variety of methods to load their eWallets. They can load funds into their eWallets by wire and SEPA bank transfers, debit and credit cards loads, Bitcoin and others, and can then use these funds to make payments to individuals and businesses around the world. They can also receive funds from other UPayCard customers. Our customers can use the services of a number of our strategic partners to make outbound payments from their eWallets. These include wire and SEPA bank transfers from our corporate bank, payments to a debit or credit card, and others. UPayCard also utilizes the services of global payment card issuing companies such as MasterCard™ to make outbound payments via their products. UPayCard also markets and sells the services of these payment companies through their financial institution issuers.

All of our Account Holder and Card Holder funds are held in a segregated and safeguarded custodial bank accounts (not an individual’s personal bank account). Our custodial banks are located in the European Union.UPayCard is provided contracted services by three major companies in the United Kingdom to supply our best-of-breed prepaid payment products and services to our clients and customers. Our prepaid card issuing financial institution is a member of MasterCard Inc and is licensed to issue our MasterCard products. Our card issuing processor is licensed by both Visa Inc and MasterCard Inc to process our MasterCard product transactions, and our card manufacturer, warehouser, personaliser and distributor is also licensed by Visa and MasterCard.

UPayCard’s executive team is led by UPayCard’s co-founder with the responsibility of overseeing day to day operations of UPayCard. He is an internationally known expert in the payment services industry with significant experience with digital currencies and prepaid cards. UPayCard’s Chief Operating Officer, Chief Technical Officer and Chief Financial Officer have, collectively, over 60 years experience in the eCommerce, electronic currency and card operations space. This experience includes years of working with high revenue producing clients in the eCommerce space. UPayCard is licensed by the Financial Conduct Authority of the United Kingdom as a “provider of eMoney and associated payment services” (License #900555). UPayCard is also a member of the SWIFT network. To comply with the requirement of the UK’s Data Protection act of 1998, and because we take protection of our customers’ private data so seriously, UPayCard is registered with the UK’s Information Commissioner’s Office and will always maintain our current registration.

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