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What Affiliates Want From Affiliate Programs

After reading the recent article by Nicky from Income Access entitled 'How Operators Can Support Affiliates More Effectively' I thought it would be interesting to write a bit about what affiliates actually want from the programs they work with.

In the article Nicky wrote she split affiliates into three categories; the newbie affiliate, the mid-tier affiliate and the super affiliate. Whilst this makes sense I'm not going to continue the theme in this article because I believe affiliates want more or less the same things from the programs they work with.

In no particular order here's what affiliates want from affiliate programs:

Higher Commissions
Well obviously affiliates want higher commissions from the programs they work with. This is always dependant on the amount of traffic or revenue you can generate at a specific program and I think everyone realises that to get higher commissions you need to be doing something that warrants higher payment.

It wouldn't be an article about what affiliates want from their programs without including higher commissions so I thought I'd get it out the way early.

Evidence of Player Retention
I don't think I've ever seen a program include information about player retention when they are advertising themselves. Seriously affiliates want this and if you can prove to them that your program is actively encouraging the traffic you receive to play or re activate their accounts then you're onto a winner.

I'd love to see affiliate programs say look here's how we target players and try to keep them playing. We are able to retain x% of players after 6 months and 12 months. This would really encourage me to promote a program. Affiliates want to earn as much as possible from each player they send.

Evidence of Split Testing
If I'm promoting an affiliate program I want to know that they are doing all they can to get me the best possible conversion rates. I want them to tell me when they change their landing pages and I want them to say 'oh its better by x%' or 'no not as good we're going back to the old one.

I want programs to say 'Here's a custom landing page' and then a month later email me and say 'That custom landing page has been working great, its x% better than the standard'.

You don't have to tell me what you've changed I just want to know you're trying to better conversions and are making the most of the traffic I've sent in your direction.

Payment on Time Every Single Month
I'm not going to go on a big rant here but seriously pay me, pay me, pay me and pay me on time every single month.

To be Rewarded
This seems like a thing of the past but a couple of years ago it wasn't uncommon for Christmas to come around and find affiliate managers shelling out and getting gifts for their affiliates.

Seriously though I've spent the whole year promoting your brand, I've split £150,000 with you and you've had the bigger share. Get your hands out of your pocket and send me something. It doesn't have to be an Ipad or anything mega but why not spend a couple of hundred and send me a food hamper or a case of wine. Affiliates love this kind of thing, it sticks in their memory and it makes us loyal to your program.

Article written by David webmaster of online betting sites and best betting sites.


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Great Post

Nice article David, especially agree on the player retention and the split testing. Any program which can seriously show affiliates how much they are working on these will be ahead of the rest.

Posted by Richard (OLBG) (not verified) on Wed, 2011-07-06 11:41
Affiliates and Data

I think data is a topic not yet added

with more player data (per game type, player quality etc), affiliates can-fine tune their acquisition strategy. Merchant retention strategy also becomes relevant here.


Posted by willem van oort (Gaming In Spain) (not verified) on Thu, 2011-07-21 01:33
I agree Willem - There are

I agree Willem - There are very few affiliate programs that provide enough back end data and when they do it is often inaccurate. If they could sort this out it would make a huge difference in terms of acquisition

Posted by Alex Pratt (not verified) on Thu, 2011-07-21 10:59

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